The Most Important Skill in Life

  • Action over TimeIf it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for…We don’t control time. We can’t rewind time, fast forward it, pause it, or stop it. However, we can control our focus and how we use our energy relative to time. We can control our actions. Any meaningful goal in life will most likely take a relatively long period of time to accomplish. With significant time comes both adversity and opportunity. The key is to continue to act in the face of adversity so that we are able to reach the opportunity.
  • Understand your StoryActions are based on beliefs, even when those beliefs are unknown… I define the word ‘story’ as facts weaved together by beliefs/assumptions into a coherent narrative. I believe every human being has unconscious beliefs about how life works. The challenge is learning to recognize when our actions are leading us away from our true desires and doing the work to identify the underlying beliefs/assumptions that led us to taking those actions.
  • Maintain a VisionThe process is more important than the products… I define a ‘vision’ as a set of long term goals an individual has for the future. A vision is characterized by being bold, realistic, and holistic. A bold vision forces one to examine themselves regularly. A realistic vision explores the risks associated with pursuing our goals. A holistic vision tries to account for the totality of life. These 3 characteristics produce a process of personal refinement and self-direction that I believe is more important than achieving the goals themselves.




Speaker | Writer | Former US Army Green Beret | MMA Fighter | Life Fitness Motivation |

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Speaker | Writer | Former US Army Green Beret | MMA Fighter | Life Fitness Motivation |

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